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Western Australian Dog Rescue Links

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Each group has different resources and procedures, please contact them individually for more info.

*Listed in alphabetical order, location preference in bold*

Australian Foster Carers Network (AFCN)
National animal rescue group and rescue support network. Carers always needed for dogs in all locations in Australia, all states.
Rescuing since: 2013

Everything Beagle WA Rescue (PetRescue and Facebook links) < No longer operating (Facebook and phone number missing)?
Everything Beagle WA Rescue helps foster and rehome beagles from pounds and rescue shelters across WA so that they may find happiness in a beagle friendly forever family. We are looking for foster carers from within 2 hours drive of Perth.
Rescuing since: 2014

NARGA (National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia)
We are looking for foster carers nationwide to join our foster database. We currently work with over 50 rescue groups throughout Australia and are committed to helping our rescue groups find loving foster homes. Fostering is both a heart-warming and rewarding experience so please join us in helping to provide an important stepping stone to find pet a forever home.
Rescuing since: 2012

RSPCA Western Australia
Looking for volunteers in Western Australia.

Saving Animals From Euthanasia Inc (SAFE)
Zero Euthanasia for Rehomable Pets and quality of life for all companion animals...
SAFE was founded in the Pilbara in Western Australia by Sue Hedley in February 2003. Since then SAFE has developed branches and networks across the state – and intend to extend SAFE's services wherever there is need. Looking for foster carers throughout WA.
Rescuing since: 2003

Shar Pei Rescue
Breed specialist rescue focusing on Shar Pei and operating nationally. Winner of the 2011 MDBA Master Rescuer Award.
Rescuing since: 2009

South West Animal Rescue
Based in Bunbury, we work on a foster care basis and aim to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted domestic animals. We also promote the benefits of sterilising animals, and choosing the correct dog breed choice for your family.
Rescuing since: 2006

Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue Group (Facebook link)
We one of Western Australia's largest no kill rescue groups, which helps to rehome abandoned, displaced and surrendered bull breeds throughout the state. We do this by caring for and rehabilitating, staffy and bully type puppies and dogs in a home environment, until a loving new family comes along who wishes to adopt. We also aim to educate the public on responsible ownership of all dogs and the benefits of adopting, over purchasing a dog through a pet shop or back yard breeder. We are a non funded, not for profit registered charity.
Rescuing since: 2008

Donate Toys To Shelter Dogs
I buy toys with your BPAY (or bitcoin) donation and give the toys to shelter dogs.

<$10 = No toys for dogs.
$10.01 = 7 tennis balls and 3 rope toys.
$15.01 = 10 tennis balls and 5 rope toys.
Ball and rope dog toy
Note that toys may be substituted for VeganPet.com.au treats in the event there are too many toy donations or that some dogs show more interest in treats.

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$25 donated in August 2014.
$35 donated in Oct 2014.
$25 donated in Nov 2014.

If you donate via BPAY please include 1 cent on the end of your amount so I know what your donation is for.

Adopt dogs at:
Pet Rescue

Adopt dogs at:
RSPCA - Adopt a Pet

Rescue discussion at:


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